Strategy for Instagram growth

Instagram says, “For feed posts, use 3 or more hashtags that describe your business, product or service to reach people who may be interested in your business but haven’t yet discovered it. Quick and short captions (1-20 characters) perform well, and so do longer ones (over 2000 characters). Use the 150 characters allotted for your bio to tell visitors what you and your brand are all about. Case in point, 81% of marketers say that using hashtags has been somewhat or very effective for their Instagram strategy.

But you probably don’t want to max out your hashtags very often. People can even follow their favorite hashtags so that top content with that hashtag will show up in their Instagram timeline.

What is the best strategy for Instagram?

Without a plan, goals, strategies, and tactics, you can lose focus and veer off track, especially with something as exciting and entertaining as Instagram. Sharing posts that your followers have created and shared on their own is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your audience. This UGC repost will also encourage people to post about your brand in the hopes that you might share their post next. As an ex-agency strategist turned freelance WFH fashion icon, Michelle is passionate about putting the sass in SaaS content.

From strategizing to bio optimization to influencer marketing, there are so many things you can think about and implement when it comes to Instagram.