What is another name for digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as “online marketing”, “internet marketing” or “web marketing”. The term digital marketing has been gaining popularity over time.


marketing advertising refers to a term used to associate digital technologies with marketing. Marketers are engaged in digital marketing advertising to promote brands, products and services.

Most of the time, the term refers to online and mobile phone marketing. Digital marketing advertising is often referred to as digital marketing. By combining digital marketing tools and web analytics, marketers can use the information collected to better create a targeted marketing campaign. That's why we've created a list of the most common digital marketing terms and definitions in alphabetical order as a quick reference glossary.

Digital marketing channels allow marketers to target audiences, build brand awareness and increase sales. Digital marketing channels refer to sources of digital advertising such as search engines, websites, mobile applications, email, social media, etc. Web analytics are combined with the use of digital marketing tools and are used to track and visualize campaign results, collect data and data. inform sellers with online users activities, IP addresses and search keywords.

B2B digital marketing methods include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, data-driven marketing, campaign marketing, content automation, social media marketing, direct email marketing, optimization of social networks, e-books, advertising display and optical discs and games. Marketers strategically plan their digital marketing campaigns using digital marketing techniques such as PPC and content marketing to achieve useful results. Digital marketing tools include SEO, interactive online ads, mobile marketing, subscription email, and online partnerships such as sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Digital marketing metrics refer to the use of value by a marketing professional or marketing team to measure and track the success of a marketing campaign.

Digital marketing strategies are considered marketing actions that help marketers achieve their marketing objectives. marketing; and online channels are used to achieve those goals. Metrics are important in digital marketing, as it is used together with the conversion rate to better understand the performance of a site. The digital marketing dashboard refers to software that provides marketers with valuable information about their online marketing activities.

Digital marketing refers to a term used to associate marketing techniques with digital technologies such as the Internet. B2C digital marketing refers to the tactics and best practices that marketers use to promote products and services to consumers.